Nearly 2000 years ago, the prosperous Han dynasty of China collapsed. Heroes rose and fell, and three nations emerged--Wei, Shu, and Wu. Historians refer to this period as the Three Kingdoms period and is an intriguing tale of heroic deeds, of alliance forged and broken, of loyalty and betrayal.

The Ravages of Time (火鳳燎原, Huo Feng Liao Yuan, lit. The Fire Phoenix Scorches the Plains) is a manhua series, created by Chinese artist and writer Chen Mou retelling the same events as Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

  • Volume 7 Cover
  • Volume 6 Cover
  • Volume 5 Cover
  • Volume 4 Cover
  • Volume 3 cover
  • Volume 2 Cover
  • Volume 1 Cover
  • The Burning Battle of Red Cliff
  • Ma Chao and his favourite delicacy: Human Sheesh Kebob
  • Xiliang's God of War
  • Dian Wei has enough for everybody
  • The Burning of Luoyang with Sun Jian
  • Zhuge LiangGo to Zhuge Liang
  • Zhou Yu at Red Cliff
  • ..... as easy as taking items from a bag.
  • The Yellow Turbans
  • Watermirror's Eight Geniuses
  • The Peach Orchard brothers
  • Lu Bu, The God of War
  • Lu Bu vs Everyone
  • Go to Zhang Lei

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